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SWB goods is still completely apart of Surf Without Borders non-profit orgnization but it just operates slightly differently with the main goal of creating high quality, unique brand where every sale then goes directly back to Surf Without Borders and supporting it's mission. This way people can support Surf Without Borders directly by donating and volunteering or by also supporting and buying SWB Goods.

Why is SWB goods a seperate website and company from Surf Without Borders?

As a small non-profit organization, we choose to make our items in small batches with a focus on quality over qauntity. We would much rather sell every item inorder to offer more support to Surf Without Borders and it's partners around the world than have to deal with excess inventory and sales.

Why are so many items always Sold Out?

We are a small certified 501(c)3 organzation so the proceeds going anywhere else would be illegal. Now we understand that doesn't mean a lot for most organizations so if you really don't trust us, contact us directly and we will send you statements and records.

How do I know that all the proceeds are really going towards your partner programs?


Frequently Asked Questions

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